Making exercising and
competing fun and rewarding

Many of us struggle to work out frequently and keep up with our fitness goals. You may be familiar with how the story goes: Whether it’s finding and signing up for a gym and never going back, downloading yet another workout app or missing out on the resolutions for the nex… ooops! almost finishing year 😅

Being familiar with all of these, we set on the task of understanding how we could design a new application that would be unique and different than other options on the App Store, focusing on the following principles:

Be Personal

The experience has to connect with the person and be tailored around their capabilities and goals.

Encourage real interactions

It’s always fun to engage with new stuff but even more fun when it’s done with friends and in the real world.

Candid and Straightforward

Desafit encourages you to set realistic goals and is direct in telling you what you need to focus on and how you can improve your physical condition.

User onboarding

We knew we had to create an appealing experience to onboard new users. We know it, don’t we? We are encouraging people to do exercise so we should make the experience of starting smooooooth and nice.

Challenge Accepted

Once you have completed the Setup wizard, Desafit shows you all the Challenges that are happening in the platform. Whether you feel like trying it out enrolling on a Free Competition or putting some bucks on the Nike Epic Challenge, there is an option to start working out right away.

Earning Prizes and Recognition

It’s fair to say we didn’t create Desafit for the sake of making money: We created this app to have a place where friends and people who want to stay fit could connect, work out and have fun. But we know victory is sweet, so we couldn’t live that aside and created some custom illustrations for victory and defeat.


  • Motion Design
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Art Direction


  • Copywriting
  • Voice & Tone


  • Marketing Strategy
  • UX Strategy
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